The Diary of a Soldier

It has been well noted that while organizing a home, my most memorable finds are military memorabilia. These priceless items all have a story to tell. My most memorable find was a Memorial Cross hidden amongst tiny boxes in the bottom of a dresser drawer. As I carefully opened this small box and removed the insert, there, lay a Military Medal. Not knowing exactly it’s significance, with permission, I snapped a picture of it to show my husband after I arrived home. Military runs deep in my family and families passed. I, myself served in the reserve forces for 5 years. The first unit I proudly served in was The Lanark & Renfrew Scottish Regiment ( Infantry) and the second The 26th Field Regiment (Artillary). My 5x great grandfather fought in The Revolutionary War and was the first family to settle in Wine Harbour, Nova Scotia. My great grandfather served in the Boer War and 1st World War. My grandfather served in the 1st World War & 2nd World War. Next to follow is my father who served in The Korean War. My husband served in The Canadian Armed Forces for 22 years and deployed to many areas of the world. All of my uncles followed suit as well as my brother. So, as you can see, anything pertaining to the military holds a special place in my heart. When I took out my phone to show my husband my exciting find, I asked him about the Memorial Cross and how one obtained it. He carefully stared at the picture I had taken and his eyes filled with tears. I didn’t quite understand the significance or meaning of this medal but I was going to find out anything and everything I needed to know so I could tell it’s story. This medals story was not to lie in the bottom of a drawer but to be told to the owner of it, and I did just that. The Memorial Cross is given to a mother who has lost a son or daughter in battle, in this case, son. Tears were shed while I proceeded to tell it’s story. At that moment, nothing else mattered. I knew this was my niche while working as a Professional Organizer, and to this day, it still is my passion to tell an untold story that may have gone untold for so long.

Author: pitcherperfectorganizingsolutions

Welcome to Pitcher Perfect!! Pitcher Perfect is a home based business I started in 2014 focusing on getting organized and staying organized. After finishing college in 2013 as a Pharmacy Assistant and completing a 6 week internship at a local compounding lab and pharmacy, I learned that attention to detail and implementing systems of organizing was my niche. Having a certification in Interior Design and Home Staging has allowed me to bring both professions together to form Pitcher Perfect as a Trained Professional Organizer. I became a member with Professional Organizers in Canada in 2014, and have been delighted with what I have gained in experience with these specially designed courses and various areas of concern with my focus on chronic disorganization, estate clean outs, downsizing, sort & purge, auction staging and personal home staging. My passion is unveiling forgotten antiques, military items and old currency, to which I have been known to do extensive history research into finding the mystery behind these long forgotten items and bringing these memories back to life. Nothing is more satisfying to me than reuniting lost treasures to clients and learning the stories that have followed their treasures.

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