The Disposition Effect: Our Refusal to Ever Get Rid of Anything!

Put up your hand if somewhere in your home, basement, or garage you have an old computer (or maybe just computer parts) that you refuse to throw away. On some level, you know that your 1998-era HP Pavilion cannot perform a single modern computing task and, is such, is worthless. But you can’t get rid of it, because, darn it, you paid two thousand dollars for it.

This is the “Disposition Effect”. Investors suffer from this all the time; when a stock is losing value. instead of selling it and taking what they can get, they hold on to it. It’s not optimism that it’s going to go up (they’ll do it even if all evidence says it won’t), but rather being too upset at the idea of selling it for less than they paid. It’s the same impulse that makes people hoard useless stuff, unable to grasp the fact that it’ll never be used again.

Once again, there are entire industries profiting from our malfunction. Self-storage companies bank on us being willing to pay two hundred dollars a month to store a bunch of stuff so useless that we don’t even want it in our garage, instead of just selling it (or doing something really tacky, like donating it to charity). Let’s take a moment to think about what you have stored that will never be used again and is just taking up space.

We have all done this and some are still collecting or storing unwanted stuff. There is no time like now to seek professional help if you don’t know where to start or what to toss or to keep.

If you are in need of assistance, it’s time to call or book in for a consultation.

Note: As we go through the Covid-19 Pandemic, all safety precautions WILL be in place. Social distancing, masks & gloves and bacterial wipes will be implemented to make your organizing experience a great one.

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Author: pitcherperfectorganizingsolutions

Welcome to Pitcher Perfect!! Pitcher Perfect is a home based business I started in 2014 focusing on getting organized and staying organized. After finishing college in 2013 as a Pharmacy Assistant and completing a 6 week internship at a local compounding lab and pharmacy, I learned that attention to detail and implementing systems of organizing was my niche. Having a certification in Interior Design and Home Staging has allowed me to bring both professions together to form Pitcher Perfect as a Trained Professional Organizer. I became a member with Professional Organizers in Canada in 2014, and have been delighted with what I have gained in experience with these specially designed courses and various areas of concern with my focus on chronic disorganization, estate clean outs, downsizing, sort & purge, auction staging and personal home staging. My passion is unveiling forgotten antiques, military items and old currency, to which I have been known to do extensive history research into finding the mystery behind these long forgotten items and bringing these memories back to life. Nothing is more satisfying to me than reuniting lost treasures to clients and learning the stories that have followed their treasures.

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