Covid-19 Protocols

Pitcher Perfect will provide professional services in your home while the following precautions listed below, with the understanding that we are still under the threat of the Covid-19 pandemic.

*Covid-19 Screening

Before beginning the session, standard questions will be asked over the phone or before entering the residence. If any of these answers indicate that either party should be self-isolating, the organizing session will be postponed for the appropriate amount of time.

*Immediate Contact

If either the Organizer or Client are feeling any sickness or symptoms of Covid-19, they must alert the other party immediately so they know to self-isolate and prevent the spread. No cancellation fee will apply in this situation.


The organizer agrees to wear a mask or face shield at all times during the organizing session, and encourages the client to do the same if they are able to do so. If there are times when a mask or face shield must be removed (eg. to have a drink or eat), the Organizer agrees to do so in a different room than that of the Client.

*Hand Washing

Upon entering the Client’s home, the Organizer agrees to wash their hands for 20 seconds at the nearest/preferred sink or use hand sanitizer before touching ANYTHING (including doorknobs). The Client will be asked to clear items out of the way/open doors if necessary, to ensure nothing is touched with unwashed hands or un-sanitized hands. The Client agrees to provide soap and running water necessary for hand washing.


If the Client and the Organizer agree to take a break for a snack or lunch (a mask will be removed and they will take breaks in a different room )eg. the Organizer will go out to their vehicle to eat, or eat in a different room. The Organizer agrees not to take their mask or shield off completely and place in down, but instead will keep it hanging on one ear or arm and will sanitize their hands after putting it back on to ensure the unwashed mask will not touch anything other than the Organizers face.


The Client and the Organizer agree to keep a distance of at least 6′ between themselves at all times. If the room is not large enough to accommodate this, the work will be done is a separate larger room.

Pitcher Perfect has taken all protocols during this pandemic including receiving all vaccines and a booster. Health and safety is my utmost priority in keeping everyone healthy.


Author: pitcherperfectorganizingsolutions

Welcome to Pitcher Perfect!! Pitcher Perfect is a home based business I started in 2014 focusing on getting organized and staying organized. After finishing college in 2013 as a Pharmacy Assistant and completing a 6 week internship at a local compounding lab and pharmacy, I learned that attention to detail and implementing systems of organizing was my niche. Having a certification in Interior Design and Home Staging has allowed me to bring both professions together to form Pitcher Perfect as a Trained Professional Organizer. I became a member with Professional Organizers in Canada in 2014, and have been delighted with what I have gained in experience with these specially designed courses and various areas of concern with my focus on chronic disorganization, estate clean outs, downsizing, sort & purge, auction staging and personal home staging. My passion is unveiling forgotten antiques, military items and old currency, to which I have been known to do extensive history research into finding the mystery behind these long forgotten items and bringing these memories back to life. Nothing is more satisfying to me than reuniting lost treasures to clients and learning the stories that have followed their treasures.

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