A Peace of Mind

As our population ages and life becomes more hectic, there is no time like the present to be clutter free. After having loved ones pass away, I was given the long and tedious task of clearing out personal belongings and dear memories that I grew up with. Photos, priceless objects, heirlooms, letters from lovers long ago are just a few pieces of cherished memories that passed through my hands that had every emotion stirring within. There were happy tears, sad tears and many moments of sincere laughter. After carefully selecting items of interest that I needed to keep dear to my heart, it was time to select the right organization or charity that could use these well cared for items. As we age, we sometimes get caught up with keeping items that are no longer needed. Items become lost and then duplicated. Small items get buried and we no longer have the ability to spend hours of searching. They have simply now become forgotten. Adult children are leading very busy lives and just do not have the time to be searching endlessly for lost items that have not been used in many years. For your peace of mind not only for you but for your loved ones as well, hiring a Professional Organizer may be your best investment yet. We use specially designed systems to keep items stored properly and work closely with clients to help them maintain a healthy and safe home in which they live.


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