Dear Linda,

I have to tell you that as a wannabe/newbie PO, I was more than a tad anxious during the early morning tour around SWIM’s premises today; then you took me under your wing and made the Boogie Man go away. I cannot thank you enough for being such a wonderful, generous and kind mentor. I think we did some great work together today and had a fun time in the process! I’ll be going to bed tonight with a great big satisfied smile on my face, thanks in large part to you, for your support and encouragement..H.C.

Dear Linda,

Wow!! I am blown away. I don’t know what to say. I could have never ever done this without your help.. You’re so awesome. The compassion you put into your work truly has blown me away. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. C.G

“Today was fun. Thanks Linda, love working with you. J.K”

“Linda is a dedicated hard worker who can pack better than any mover, reliable, considerate and passionate about her work with clients. She has been a huge asset working with “Lighten Up” on some of our larger projects. And she can use a tool to fix anything! J.K.

Pitcher Perfect: Specialized cleaning crew hard at work today. Looking forward to moving on. J.V.

Linda, Thank you! You truly are a lovely woman! G.M.

“It was time to de-clutter and move on” Thank you Linda for all your hard work and dedication. I can now relax and do what I want to do instead of coming home and facing clutter. M.P.

I highly recommend Linda Pitcher. She has skills! 100%. Beginning with her master organization skills, the endless desire to get’ er done, the incredible sensitivity for whatever situation she was presented with, it being a cherished lost loved ones treasure, old pictures in the bottom of a box, from years gone by, to having the contacts you might need to get the tasks done. She helped me immensely after my husband passed away and it was time to downsize. Linda made the transition less painful and dramatic. Thank you mf. J.V.

I love what you did! I was in my craft room when Roger came home. He noticed the improvement right away! He loved everything you did and thought it was a good investment. R.M.

Indulged myself with the help of a pro! Thanks, Linda, for your hard work, enthusiasm, and talent. R.M.

Thanks again Linda. You have an awesome speaking ability. Your talk was so interesting, informative and humorous as well. The true stories interspersed made it even more interesting. The raw emotion that these folks exhibit and your telling of these moments show your empathy and tenderness. It was a wonderful evening and many of the ladies have commented on that. L.C.

Linda at Pitcher Perfect was/is amazing. She totally got my entire household in order in less than 4 hours! Seriously.. I thought I would be organizing for a week.. Nope! With Gadget’s help my home was transformed! So thankful I found her on a simple Google search!! Thanks again Linda.. AKA Gadget! K.C.

I reached out to Pitcher as a Father’s Day gift for my husband. I truly could not envision how it was even possible for my garage to look amazing given all that lives in my garage. I was so impressed when I got home! Extremely grateful. G.P.W.

I just wanted to say thank you SO much the garage looks amazing!!!!!!! G.P.W.

I just wanted to say Thank-you for the Fantastic Job on organizing & packing my stuff. I highly recommend you to everyone. First showing tonight! M.E.






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