Dear Linda,

I have to tell you that as a wannabe/newbie PO, I was more than a tad anxious during the early morning tour around SWIM’s premises today; then you took me under your wing and made the Boogie Man go away. I cannot thank you enough for being such a wonderful, generous and kind mentor. I think we did some great work together today and had a fun time in the process! I’ll be going to bed tonight with a great big satisfied smile on my face, thanks in large part to you, for your support and encouragement..H.C.

Dear Linda,

Wow!! I am blown away. I don’t know what to say. I could have never ever done this without your help.. You’re so awesome. The compassion you put into your work truly has blown me away. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. C.G

“Today was fun. Thanks Linda, love working with you. J.K”

“Linda is a dedicated hard worker who can pack better than any mover, reliable, considerate and passionate about her work with clients. She has been a huge asset working with “Lighten Up” on some of our larger projects. And she can use a tool to fix anything! J.K.

Pitcher Perfect: Specialized cleaning crew hard at work today. Looking forward to moving on. J.V.

Linda, Thank you! You truly are a lovely woman! G.M.

“It was time to de-clutter and move on” Thank you Linda for all your hard work and dedication. I can now relax and do what I want to do instead of coming home and facing clutter. M.P.